What is Cash for Class? An incentive-based program designed to benefit local schools thru cash awards. PLEASE NOTE: For the 2017-2018 school year, the program is exclusive to Papillion-La Vista elementary schools.

How does the program work? Shoppers are encouraged to shop Shadow Lake stores and restaurants, with receipts eligible for a point system to benefit participating schools with a cash donation. The average number of points per student* at the end of the program determines which schools will receive which prize. (*to account for varying enrollment)

How do students/families have their receipts counted? Simply make a purchase at any store or restaurant at Shadow Lake Towne Center during the program dates, September 1, 2017 thru April 30, 2018.

There are two ways to get credit for your receipts:

Option 1: Bring Receipts to Shadow Lake Mgmt Office
Option 2: Send receipts to school

Cash Prizes

First Place – $2,000
2nd Place – $1,500
3rd Place – $1,000
4th-15th Places – $300

Where can we track the school points standings? The initial school points standings will be posted right here at the first week of October and will be updated the first week of the month for each month thereafter.

2017-2018 School Standings – Last Updated May 16, 2018

Bell  36.86
Patriot 35.76
Walnut Creek 24.51
Prairie Queen  20.96
Golden Hills  19.11
Tara Heights 18.22
Trumble Park  13.49
Rumsey Station 12.90
Anderson Grove 7.04
Portal 3.06
Hickory Hill 1.89
Parkview  .93
Carriage Hill  .90
 G. Stanley  0.76
 La Vista West  0.81

Official Rules:

– Receipts must be recorded within 30 days of purchase.

– Customers may use only Shadow Lake Towne Center store or restaurant receipts (excludes Hy-Vee Grocery).

– Receipts must be dated between September 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018 and turned in within 30 days of purchase. Receipts must be submitted to the Shadow Lake Towne Center Management Office by 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 30th to count towards the final tally.

– Receipt total, including tax, is eligible for credit.

– Individual store and property gift certificates and gift cards are NOT eligible for credit.

– To account for variance in school enrollment sizes, a points per student average will be calculated monthly. It is this calculation that will be considered (*NOTE: not total points) when determining standings.

– Soliciting/collecting of receipts on shopping center property is prohibited.

– If purchasing merchandise online or from a catalog, you must do so in the store to receive credit. One must bring proof from store that items were purchased in store. Shipping receipts will not be accepted.

Participating schools are credited one (1) point for every dollar of valid store receipts.